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Wado Danmark

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Mogens Møller
General Secretary
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Ruud de Vries
5th Dan Wado FWE
Chief Instructor
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Flemming Almtorp
6th Dan Wado

Wado-ryu karate was first introduced in Denmark in the 1970s. Wado Danmark was established in 2011 by clubs and karateka who have been long standing members and participants in the Federation of Wado Kai Europe.

Mr. Flemming Almtorp, 5th Dan has been a key figure in the Danish Wado Kai organization since the 1970s. Mr. Almtorp helped introduce Wado-ryu in Denmark and has been influential in Wado-ryu’s development across the country.

During Mr. Almtorp’s 35 years of experience, he has successful competed at the international level and was a former Danish champion. Mr. Almtorp now serves as chief instructor, paving the way for the next generation of Danish wadoka.

Wado Danmark consists of 5 clubs and more than 700 members.

Wado Danmark

c/o Aalborg Karate Skole
Holbergsgade 13
DK-9000 Aalborg

Chairman Mogens Møller
Phone: +45 40 43 66 98
E-mail: chairman@wado.dk

[(Website: www.wado.dk)]

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