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17h november 2018

46th European Wado Kai Cup

Santarém (Portugal)

Thursday 8 March 2018, by webmaster


The 46th European Wado Cup will take place on Saturday, November 17th 2018 in
Santarém (Portugal), in the “Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo Municipal de Santarém”.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/3cSJSNtYm2p


All competitors, referees, coaches and officials must register online before October
20th, using the online system on: http://www.sportdata.org

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Entry conditions

✓ Being affiliated to the Wado Kai Federation
✓ Each country can register the following competitors :
- Kumite and Kata for U14 / U16: 3 competitors per category
- Kumite and Kata for U18 / U21: 2 competitors per category
- Kumite for +18 : 2 competitors per weight category
- Kata for +18 : 3 competitors for male and female category
- kata for + 36 : 2 competitors for male and female category (only in kata)

Official categories

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categories and regulations (2018)

Category U14: 11+12+13 years old
Category U16: 14+15 years old
Category U18: 16+17 years old
Category U21: 18+19+20 years old
Seniors: over 18 years old
Seniors veteran: over 36 years old


Please consult the Tournament Website for all information about the event.

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