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Dan Grading

Monday 28 February 2011, by webmaster

DAN grading at the Wadokai European Cup

Please send your registration file to the General Secretary of the FWE Administration-Committee.
Your registration file has to include:

The fee of 30€ will have to be paid before Dan Grading and will not be returned in case of failure.

Ratification of National DAN Grade

Your national DAN Grade can be ratificated by FWE and you can get a WE Certificate.

Therefor use the "Application form for DAN ratification certificate", fill it in, print it, have it signed by the authorized person and send it to the Treasurer of the FWE Administration-Committee. Only totally completed application forms (including dates of previous DANs and signature of person in charge ) are accepted.

Your "Application form for DAN ratification certificate" has to be signed by the President of your countries association, member of Wadokai Europe. All ratification of 6th Dan and above will first have to be approved by the "Dan-Grading commission". The ratification form will have to be sent to the secretary of the "Dan-Grading commission" .After approval of the "Dan-Grading commission", the candidate will get informed about the decision of the "Dan-Grading commission" and only in case of approval, a certificate will be issued.

For having the right to ratify the 6th DAN, the candidate must justify at least of 20 years of practice with the 1st DAN black belt and must fulfill the conditions of practice time about the 5th DAN.

For the 7th DAN, he must fulfill the conditions of practice time about the 6th DAN.

The fee of 30€ for the certificate will have to be paid by bank transfer and the certificate will be sent to your address.

Please read the enclosed documents for more information about Wadokai Dan grading :

PDF - 278.3 kb
PDF - 18.8 kb
Wado Kai Europe Dan Grade Syllabus
PDF - 26 kb
Dan Grade Application Form
Excel - 111.4 kb
Application form for DAN ratification certificate