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Sport Committee

Committee responsible for the organization of WE events

Wednesday 3 April 2013, by webmaster

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Patrice Belrhiti
8th Dan Wadokai
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Daniel Humbel
6th Dan Wadokai
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Claudine Leyers
5th Dan Wadokai
Magali Jacob

3rd Dan Wadokai


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Jozsef Sztako
3rd Dan Wadokai

Sport rules and regulations of the Federation of Wado-Kai Europe

These documents include the sport rules and regulations as well as the categories in Kata and Kumite of the Federation of Wado-Kai Europe, they offer a competitive program and determine the qualifications, as well as the right to participate in the championships organized by the FWE.

PDF - 512.5 kb
Sportrules 2015 V 1.2
PDF - 266.1 kb
categories and regulations (2018)